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Kyiv Slavonic University language Courses

At the preparatory department, the purpose of language training of foreign citizens and preparation of general educational disciplines are carried out to ensure successful training at the main faculties of KSU and other higher educational institutions of Ukraine. All teachers have basic pedagogical education, as well as extensive experience with international students. The educational process at the preparatory department covers classrooms, practical classes, independent work of the students, individual classes and weekly consultations.

The area of studies in the preparatory language course are:


                                 Pre-Economics                                                                     Pre-Humanities


                                Pre-Engineering                                                                       Pre-Medicine

 Course Layout

Pre-Courses Subjects Duration  Total Hours Lectures per Day
Economics  Russian, Ukrainian, Economics, Mathematics, History 10 months 1 280 hours 3-4 lectures
Humanities  Russian, Ukrainian, Geography, History, Country Studies 10 months 1 280 hours 3-4 lectures
Engineering  Russian, Ukrainian, Mathematics, Physics, Drawings 10 months 1 280 hours 3-4 lectures
Medicine Russian, Ukrainian, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics 10 months 1 280 hours 3-4 lectures

After completion of the Pre-Medicine course, the student will receive a  Certificate from Kyiv Slavonic University by the rules and regulation of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

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