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Pre-Economic course

Kyiv Slavonic University gives an opportunity for to everyone. Even if the student doesn't have economics subject during their secondary school years, they can enrol for a pre-economic course and they will be able to get the basic knowledge of economics before starting their main course. This course is suitable for students that want to learn Russian and Ukrainian language, who want to further their studies in fields such as economics, finance, business and marketing.

The course covers the following subjects: Russian, Ukrainian, economics, mathematics, history and business subjects.

Who is eligible for the pre-economics course:

- A student that wants to study Russian and Ukrainian language

- A student that is interested in furthering their studies in economics, finance, business and marketing

- Students that do not have economics subjects in their secondary school certificate.

Documents for Admissions:

          - Filled application form
- Scan copy School leaving certificate & subject transcript
- Scan copy of International Passport
- Scan birth certificate

Send all your document to our International Department at ksu_university@ukr.net

Upon admission, students will be required to complete the following requirement as stated on the following pages:
1. Document & Requirement for entry into Ukraine
2. Tuition Fees

After completion of the Pre-Economic course, the student will receive a  Certificate from Kyiv Slavonic University by the rules and regulation of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

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