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Pre-Medicine Training

Kyiv Slavonic University excellent preparation for medical school training and other health care fields (such as general medicine, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy). Pre-medicine training at our university provides students with the opportunity to get the necessary knowledge of medicine before getting into your main course.
From our research, Kyiv Slavonic University has gathered that many international students come to Ukraine without having basic qualification medical subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, etc., thus making it very difficult for them in the 1st year of the courses. Or have obtained very low marks in those subjects that they do not qualify to start the 1st course.

Register for our one-year Pre-medicine Training Course and get the necessary knowledge to start your Medical Career.

Who is eligible for Pre-Medicine Training:

- Students that do not have biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and physics in their school leaving certificate.
- A student that did not have satisfactory marks in the above-mentioned subjects. At least over 70% on the overall scale of 100%
- Students that had failed entry-level tests to the 1st year medical course.

If you don't have satisfactory results to start medicine in your home country, we give you the opportunity to improve your subject for Medicine.


Documents for Admissions:

- Filled application form
- Scan copy School leaving certificate & subject transcript
- Scan copy of International Passport
- Scan birth certificate

Send all you document to our International Department at: ksu_university@ukr.net

Upon admission, students will be required to complete the following requirement as stated on the following pages:
1. Document & Requirement for entry into Ukraine
2. Tuition Fees

After completion of the Pre-Medicine course, the student will receive a  Certificate from Kyiv Slavonic University by the rules and regulation of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

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